How to get over Jet Lag

Being jet lagged can undo whatever fun you have just had on your vacation plan. Here’s how to deal with it:

Traveler Comment:

When 20 year old Shrishti Doshi recently returned from the US after a month long vacation, she braced herself for a week of tiredness, and irregular sleeping patterns, normally known as jet lag. “Being jet lagged is so irritating, it takes away the fun from your holiday,” says Doshi. If you are a frequent flier, or have recently returned from a worldwide holiday, you are sure to assure with Doshi. Here’s how you can get well from jet lag.

What is Jet Lag?

Medically referred to as desynchronises, it lag is a condition caused by traveling across different time zones. This travel leads to the interruption of your circadian rhythm, the internal body clock that regulates sleep and waking. Jet lag symptoms include tiredness, sleepiness, digestive upsets, impaired judgment, and irritability. In great cases, it is also known to cause memory lapses. Moreover, its is more severe when traveling in an easterly direction. According to experts, when you travel west, you gain several hours, so your day is complete and your body gets the extra time it naturally wants. But while traveling east, you day is shortened and your body takes more time to adjust, leading to cruel jet lag.

How to combat Jet Lag:

Dr Subodh Kedia, a general physician says, “It generally takes 3 to 7 days for the body to absolutely get better from jet lag. The best way to reduce it is to rest well before taking the flight back home. You should also keep yourself hydrated during the flight, and avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks.”

Once you’re back, it is important to refuse to accept the attraction to sleep during to daylight will help your body reset its natural clock

You can also struggle it lag through acupressure. Dr B V Khare, who practices different medicine, says, “Using sujok (points given on the hand) and auriculotherapy (certain points given behind the ear), you can treat jet lag.”


Start resetting your body clock at least three days before you fly. Shift your bedtime by an hour or two according to the direction of your travel destination.

  • Continue hydrated before, during and after the flight. Avoid alcohol and caffeine on the flight.
  • The minute you step into the aircraft cabin, reset your watch according the time zone you’re traveling to.
  • In case you arrive during the day and feel tired, you could take a rest, but keep it 30 minutes or less so that it doesn’t interfere with your night time sleep.
  • In case of strict jet lag, opt for acupressure from a immediate treatment.
26 Aug 2013

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