Tips for establish Business in Morocco, African Travel Guide

This commodity provides advantageous pointers for starting a business in Morocco. An compassionate of the bread-and-butter and amusing set up is acutely important for the acknowledged ablution of any business. Morocco is a country anchored in the abstemious of North Africa in getting to Africa safari tours.


It is afar from Spain by the Strait of Gibraltar. It has a Mediterranean climate. It is primarily an Islamic nation. Back it was beneath the French colonial aphorism till 1965, French is the business language. The above cities in Morocco are: Marrakesh, Casablanca, Fes, Agadir and Tanger. Casablanca, Agadir and Tanger aswell accept an all-embracing airport. One can aswell ability Morocco through Spain via a ferry! Its bill is the Moroccan dirham (MAD) and as of 26th May 2009, 1.00 MAD=0.123942 USD.

Successfully Executing Business in Morocco, Africa's

Sectors Accomplished for Investment

Before embarking on a business plan, it is important to accept an compassionate of the Moroccan economy. Agriculture, mining and tourism are the capital industries in Morocco. Morocco has deposits of phosphate, adamant ore, manganese, advance and zinc. In actuality it is the third better ambassador of phosphate in the world. It is aswell the better exporter of phosphate. Its adjacency to the Atlantic ocean has fabricated fishing an important industry. Barley, wheat, wine, vegetables and olives are the capital agronomical products. Drought is one of the capital problems faced by humans active in Morocco. This has resulted in the country accepting to acceptation ample quantities of aliment grains. Morocco exports fruits and vegetables and imports cereals and sugar. Leather goods, textiles, construction, tourism, and art and crafts are some of the added industries of importance.

The sectors accomplished for investment are as follows:

Oil and Accustomed Gas Exploration

Morocco has cogent bulk of adopted oil deposits. For a continued time oil imports imposed a accountability on the country's BOP (Balance of Payments). In adjustment to affected this problem, locations of the activity area were privatized and in 1989, a law was allowable to apparatus the auction of the accompaniment endemic companies in the activity sector. The government aswell started alms sops in the anatomy of low authorization duty. The adopted oil companies are now appropriate to pay a authorization assignment of 10% in case of oil and a paltry 5% in case of accustomed gas exploration. Recently "Dana Petroleum", a British oil aggregation acquired a above pale in oil explorations that were demography abode off the bank of Morocco. Clearly the activity area in Morocco is a 'sunrise industry' and holds abundant affiance for the future.


U.S. and Morocco active a FTA (Free Barter Agreement) in 2004. The acceding has resulted in Morocco accomplishing abroad with its quotas and tariffs in case of staples like potatoes. Corn and soybeans can aswell be alien into Morocco at a lower tariff. Tariffs and quotas aftereffect in accretion the amount of the alien goods. Accomplishing abroad with these barriers to chargeless barter has benefited both the countries. It would be a acceptable abstraction to alpha a business that deals with exporting agronomical aftermath to Morocco. Telecommunications, construction, engineering, accounts and allowance are some of the added industries that can accommodate accomplished investment opportunities back they accept been covered beneath the FTA.

Procuring Licenses

Starting a business would crave a license. Fortunately, Morocco has set up a accumulation of Regional Investment Centers (RICs) in the country. The RICs accelerate the action of accepting a authorization and accept fabricated the absolute action rather enjoyable. There are in all 16 RICs anchored in assorted locations of Morocco.


Labor Laws

Labor Laws are an important application for any business. Workers both adopted and calm are absolute by the aforementioned activity laws. The salaried advisers are accepted to be paid on a account basis. The dejected collar workers accept to be paid alert a month. All workers accept to be registered beneath the Moroccan amusing aegis arrangement or the CNSS.

Understanding the Moroccan Culture

Last but not the atomic one accept to accept a acceptable compassionate of the Moroccan culture. Whether Morocco or Germany, any business will acquisition it absurd to curl if it offends the citizenry through a alternation of "faux pas". Staring a business in an alien area can be absolutely a challenge. The challenge, if dealt with wisely can prove to be a advantageous experience.


3 Oct 2013

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